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Clinical supply chain CDMO Project Manager

Mission pourvue

Descriptif de la mission

Clinical packaging and distribution responsibilities
- Dedicated to a key ongoing clinical study:
o In collaboration with CDMOs,finance and taxteams, identify and clarify the gaps between
financial forecasts and effective spent.
o Propose a robust mitigation plan to reconcile patient needs/financial forecasts for activities
to come, including performance monitoring tools and KPIs.
o Manage CDMOs in this direction and ensure that needs (finance, taxes, etc.) are
o If taxes can be recovered, be major contributor and actor with tax and finance team to build
and submit the file to authorities.
- Ensure clear and regular reporting to the CDMO team and more widely within GCSM.
- Ensure activities are performed as per the agreed budget and with respect to the procurement
processes: request quotes, launch commitment requests and place purchase orders.
- Ensure vendors are paid in due time and based on diligent invoices review.
- Develop/maintain a network of efficient CDMOs / vendors to ensure his / her activities.
- Implement and maintains robust collaboration with vendors to procure comedications and / or
- Implement and maintains robust collaboration with vendors to supply materials required to support
clinical packaging and distribution activities when performed internally (booklet labels, packaging materials, etc)
- Present the results and progress of projects under his/her responsibility at internal technical meetings.
Continuous improvement
- Support the Process and Compliance Project Manager while defining and / or adjusting GCSM processes / ways of working and providing effective as well as continuous feedback.
- Organize and actively participate in lessons learnt exercises when needed.
- Contribute to continuous improvement projects within the Global Clinical Supply Management
Department and/or wider Pharmaceutical Development.
- Be a promoter of continuous improvement processes and to guarantee the method.
QEEHS Responsibilities:
- Respect the Good Practices applicable (BPF, BPD, ...), the rules of Energy Environment Health and Safety through the procedures applicable within the company.
CSR Responsibilities:
- Apply and proactively contribute to actions for CSR development according to guidelines.

Critères requis

Technical skills :
• Strong experience and knowledge on GMP and cGMP,
• Excellent communication skills,
• Experience in project management,
• Experience in CDMO management,
• Team player with ability to work in a matrix environment,
• Strong organizational skills.